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Estimating Underperformance Probabilities

  • July 18th, 2018

Jared Kizer crunches the data to get a more realistic sense of the odds that four common factors will underperform over various periods. Professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French and my colleague Larry Swedroe have done work highlighting the point that even premia with positive long-run expected returns can still underperform for long periods of…

Diversifying Through Reinsurance and Marketplace Lending Interval Funds

  • July 18th, 2018

Larry Swedroe takes a look at how adding unique sources of risk and return can improve the efficiency of traditional stock and bond portfolios. Most people avoid budgeting because they consider it an exercise in repressive tedium. But it doesn’t have to be. By applying the science of motivation, economic evidence and the art of…

The Long-Term Evidence on Factor-Based Investing

  • July 18th, 2018

Is there reason to believe cross-sectional patterns in returns will persist, even after they’re known? Larry Swedroe reviews a study that explores this question using more than 100 years of factor data from around the world. Factor-based investing seeks to capture the long-term premiums highlighted by academic researchers. Factors are the security-related traits/characteristics that give…

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