The Price of Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has been referred to as “double bottom line” investing, meaning investments should not only be profitable, they should meet personal standards. For instance, some investors don’t want their money to support companies that sell tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or weapons, or that rely on animal testing in their research and development…

The Proposed Tax Plan and Your Money

Tim Maurer looks at how the GOP’s new tax plan could affect you and your money. Tim Maurer makes an appearance on Nightly Business Report to discuss how the proposed Republican tax plan could affect middle-income Americans, home buyers and, perhaps, even retirement savers. View the Video By clicking on any of the links above,…

Checking in on 2017’s ‘Sure Things’

Larry Swedroe checks in on how 2017’s “sure thing” predictions fared through the third quarter.

At the start of 2017, I compiled a list of predictions that gurus had made for the upcoming year, along with some items that I hear frequently from investors, for a sort of consensus on the year’s “sure things.” I’ve kept track of these sure things with a review at the end of each quarter.

To Be a Retirement Savings Pro, Act as if ‘Someday’ Is Today

While on vacation recently in the Abaco Islands, on the outer rim of the Bahamas, I found myself on an important mission: taking the golf cart to the local market to restock our dwindling supply of the necessary ingredients for piña coladas.
I was stopped in my tracks en route by a welcome sign announcing a new resident’s beachside home. It read: “Someday Came.”

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