Checking in on 2017’s ‘Sure Things’

Larry Swedroe checks in on how 2017’s “sure thing” predictions fared through the third quarter.

At the start of 2017, I compiled a list of predictions that gurus had made for the upcoming year, along with some items that I hear frequently from investors, for a sort of consensus on the year’s “sure things.” I’ve kept track of these sure things with a review at the end of each quarter.

InFocus: Leaving a Legacy

      You’ve worked hard to build and protect your family’s wealth throughout your life.  Now you want to be assured that all that those efforts will extend beyond your lifetime and continue to make a positive difference in the people and purposes you care about most.  Click here for the October 2017 newsletter.

The Problem of Scope

There is a large body of overwhelming evidence that shows past performance is, at best, a poor predictor of active managers’ future performance, and many explanations for the difficulty that active managers face in delivering persistent outperformance.

How to Avoid Letting Money Destroy your Relationships

Money destroys relationships because people can’t compete with money. Money, after all, doesn’t disappoint you, or express disappointment with you.

It’s not that money is inherently bad or evil, but it’s not inherently good or righteous either. Money is simply a neutral tool that can be used well or poorly. It only has the value—the personality and the relational standing—that we give it.

The Big Takeaway From The Equifax Hack?

What happens when one of the three primary entities designed to safeguard our financial identity to the outside world gets hacked?

We don’t know yet, but it’s quite possible that the answers will be illuminated in retrospect because Equifax waited more than a month to announce the breach.

What can you do at this time to ensure that you are shielded from the worst possible outcomes of this–or the inevitable next–mass identity theft?

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