In 1967, when we founded our parent CPA firm, Bland Garvey, PC, we dedicated ourselves to client care from the start. Fast-forward to 2006. Many of our accounting firm clients were seeking robust wealth management to complement their tax and business planning efforts … and having a hard time finding it. To bridge the gap, we formed Bland Garvey Wealth Advisors, LLC.

Across both firms, we’ve maintained our client-centric focus, remaining committed to doing what is right for our clients, even as we’ve continued to grow. Particular points of distinction include:

  • CPA affiliation: Coordinated wealth planning and execution complement our CPA affiliate.
  • Plan-based, disciplined strategy: We have an easily articulated philosophy that guides our advice in up and down markets. Can your current advisor offer the same?
  • Evidence-based investing: Evidence-based, institutional-level investing solutions from Dimensional Fund Advisors enable us to implement our investment philosophy in well-structured portfolios.
  • Transparent, fee-only pricing: We minimize commission-based conflicts of interest, and eliminate the hidden costs that might otherwise diminish your net returns.
  • Fiduciary care: As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are legally obligated to safeguard your highest interests; it’s central to our relationship.
  • Community-minded team: We care for, appreciate and are actively engaged in our community.

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