Working Together

Flow2Can You Answer These Three Questions?

  1. What fees are you paying?
  2. What was your rate of return after costs?
  3. What is your current asset allocation?

If you can’t, then it’s time to reconsider your advisor relationship.

Our structured client experience helps you address the questions that matter and filter out distractions that don’t. In all that we do, we seek a maximum transparency on costs and expectations, so you can make informed, deliberate decisions that feel right to you – and for you — every step of the way.

Discovery — We begin with a Discovery Meeting to identify what’s important to you and how it might be enhanced by our distinct services. This discussion is the cornerstone of the deep client relationships we build.

Planning — If we mutually agree that we are a good fit for one another, we hold our Investment Plan Meeting, where we present your Discovery Profile, to reflect our understanding of what you’ve shared with us. We discuss your profile with you, and we refine anything that needs to be revisited.

Implementation — Upon committing to a relationship with us, you receive your strategy. Materials include a written Investment Plan and Investment Policy Statement, and may include a variety of other supporting documents for your planning needs.

Monitoring — Plan in place, we help you stay on track with it, or we help you adjust it if the circumstances in your life warrant a change.

Fiduciary care — Your experience is grounded in our fiduciary relationship with you as your trusted advisor. Fiduciary duty is generally considered the highest legal duty one party can have to another. As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we have a legal responsibility to always act in your best interests — and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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